We are so proud to introduce you a special section just for your Apple Watch!

Play the Christmas Bell for the best Christmas Atmosphere! You can easily choose from over 10 ring tones. You can tap and play it locally or you can put your iPhone on a secret place and play the sound from your wrist -> this tunes a surprising and mysterious mood. Especially children will be completely blown away. And of course, you can set the timer to your preferred time.

Local Play: Click on the bell icon to play the sound.

Remote Play: Open the Christmas Bell application both on your "Apple Watch" and your iPhone and click on the bell icon on your watch to play the sound.

Timer Play: Long-press on the bell icon to show the timer. Set the timer to your preferred time and press the Start button.

Find your car easily! Run this app when you leave your car and never again you will forget where you have parked the car. This app records your path into a map. You can as well add pins as points of interest into the map. Every pin shows the name of street and the time it takes to get there from your car. 


In the left bottom corner is the address of your current position, your speed and the time count. In the right bottom corner is the icon ‘P’ with information about your parking spot. 

'Park With Me’ supports "Apple Watch", so all the information you need is on your wrist just a touch away.

- Time since start
- Current address
- Time of the parking
- Parking address
- Saved parking address (manually saved only)
- Copy address
- Car name
- Add pins
- More...

To save your battery life you can cover the front camera to switch off the display.


Are you asking "Yes" or "No"? And do you even have "Apple Watch"? So, here is this great app just for you! Just ask your iPhone, iPad or your Watch and it gives you the right answer! This is the best way to make life easier. No more hard decisions!

Ask for anything in 13 different languages:
- English -
- German -
- Czech -
- Spanish -
- French -
- Italian -
- Slovak -
- Russian -
- Japanese -
- Chinese -
- Korean -
- Vietnamese -
- Arabic -

More languages will be available soon!
Support: All Apple iDevices

Do you have some issue on your mind that you need to do and you know that you will forget it or you just would like to note it? This very simple application will solve your problem. Easy to use, clear, fast, brief and good looking. Choose your favourite background. You can also add your own pictures! Custom notifications alert you on the time! Sure! One to Do supports "Apple Watch", so all the needed information is on your wrist just a touch away.